Sprout is a data collection framework specifically designed to support healthcare needs and workflows by converting collected data into something meaningful.


Challenges of Traditional Forms

The collection of patient-supplied data is nearly universal in clinical practice and research, but the merit of traditional form-based data collection, online or on paper, is limited at best. Questionnaires in clinical use typically are ad-hoc in design and limited to English-speakers, and they rarely provide any direct visible benefit to the patient or family members who take the time to supply the data.  Although questionnaires in research use are more rigorously designed, they face similar challenges.  Submitted responses that may be clinically relevant are often poorly integrated into care delivery, are not in a format that is readily available or useful to clinicians, and may raise issues that the clinician is inadequately resourced to address.


Electronic Data Collection - Plus

Sprout rests on the principle of reciprocity and offers the opportunity to return something of value to patients and clinicians, while at the same time, addressing the organization’s need to economically collect structured data across a range of languages and literacy levels.  In the Sprout model, data collection is not an end unto itself, separated from a patient’s health goals, but serves instead as a means to start the conversation, to offer tailored recommendations and resources, and ultimately, to knit together the patient’s personal, clinical and research experiences.


Easy Authoring, Advanced Capabilities

Advanced form capabilities are authored from a simple Excel document. Branching logic and options for multi-media content are built in. Structured question and response sets allow translation across multiple languages or literacy levels. Questions can connect to coordinated Sprout data libraries or existing external data sources to share responses, prevent duplicate work, and encourage more complete and accurate data.


Sprout translates!


Coordinated Delivery

Sprout can deliver forms through a secure, native form platform or connect to existing engagement platforms like iHealthSpace for secure form delivery. Delivery can be managed manually through the Sprout Front Office platform or triggered by external sources like scheduling systems or electronic medical records.


With Sprout, collected data is translated and transformed for valuable returns. It can generate narrative text, intelligently output resources and recommendations, or trigger automated actions. Sprout can connect to existing systems to populate electronic medical records, external data registries, and more.