Primary Care Office InSite (PCOI) is a nexus of information that serves the needs of primary care providers directly at the point of care.

It has been repeatedly shown that the information needs of primary care physicians (PCPs) are not being met, despite the wealth of information available on the Internet, because this information is not readily available and not optimally organized for use during daily patient care. Primary Care Office InSite (PCOI) is a provider-focused website that incorporates information into daily patient care activities.

Widely used within Massachusetts General Hospital and its affiliated community practices, PCOI is single, easily navigable wealth of practical, useful material designed specifically for use during routine patient care activity.

  • patient care guidelines
  • clinical tools and references
  • medical calculators
  • up-to-date drug information
  • therapy information
  • pharmacy information
  • educational material for patients
  • workflow support
  • common forms

Over half of Primary Care Physicians surveyed said PCOI saved them at least 20 minutes a day - enough time to see an additional patient! Nearly a quarter said it saved them over 30 minutes a day.


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