A hybrid between e-mail and instant messaging, Quicksilver provides just-in-time clinical messaging, result reporting, and clinical communications to healthcare providers.

Quicksilver addresses shortcomings of traditional email. Role mailboxes and mailbox subscriptions make coverage easy and allow for faster response times. It is designed with an inherent message ownership concept that supports team collaboration by making responsibilities and next steps clear.

Working within Oncall, Quicksilver provides care teams a glimpse into the electronic medical record without cluttering the record with unnecessary threads of communication. Providers can easily update the patient's record or look up related notes and patient information directly within the messaging system.

It also provides a link between iHealthSpace, a patient engagement platform, and clinical platforms, serving as a secure messaging system between patients and providers.

Quicksilver uses an open XML based protocol called Jabber for real-time message and presence exchange between two points on the network. Employing Java technology, with a Macromedia Flash-based client, Quicksilver to not only delivers clinical messages and results, but also improves communication between colleagues and customer service for patients.

With Quicksilver we hope to bring "the messenger of the gods" down to Earth.