As part of the Harvard Medical School Informatics Research Training Program, we conduct graduate and post-doctoral informatics teaching.

Informatics has become a major theme and methodology for biomedical science, healthcare delivery and public health. Biomedical informatics involves modeling and understanding the cognitive, information processing and communication tasks of biomedical science, medical practice, education and research. The field is inherently interdisciplinary, drawing on traditional biomedical instruction, the science and technology of computing, biostatistics, epidemiology, decision sciences and health care policy and management


National Library of Medicine Fellowship in Biomedical Informatics

Formally established in the Boston area in 1986 with funding from the National Library of Medicine, the Harvard Informatics Research Training Program gives trainees an opportunity to work with leading informatics centers, including the Laboratory of Computer Science, while earning a Master of Medical Sciences in Biomedical Informatics. The program combines required, degree-granting course work and an intensive apprenticeship experience in specifying and developing research projects.

Individual fellows work directly with the Lab of Computer Science or another of the participating informatics centers on development and implementation of a focused project. The fellowship in LCS lasts for a minimum of one year, though the majority of trainees remain for the second year on mutual agreement between the fellow and his or her advisor(s).

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Harvard Medical School Elective in Medical Informatics

The Lab hosts an elective course on Digital Computer Applications in Patient Care (Course Director: Dr. Henry Chueh). The course is a mentored research elective that is open to current Harvard Medical School Students (as well as pre-approved students from other medical schools and universities) and is held on-site at the Lab of Computer Science.

Students obtain hands-on experience with the design, development and implementation of a project involving the application of computers to patient care in one of the following areas:

  • Web-Based Knowledge Access
  • Computer-Based Medical Record System for Inpatient and Outpatient Practice
  • Application of Computers to Clinical Education
  • Web-Based Computer-Based Physician Consultation and Guidance Systems
  • Information Technology for Clinical Research
  • Large Scale Clinical Data Repositories
  • Clinical informatics

The elective offers students brief but intensive exposure to a particular computer application in medicine and the opportunity to develop and implement a particular project of mutual interest. Each student will work closely with faculty, fellows and staff at the Lab of Computer Science. Students will learn the potential and challenges of computer applications and will be exposed to the literature and other activities of the laboratory in their area of interest.

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