MasterMed is an ongoing project exploring the effects of a game on patient knowledge and adherence. LCS developed and is currently studying the use of a highly interactive patient education program, presented to patients as a game.

Participating patients are given access to the MasterMed program for three months within a secure, internet-enabled patient portal. During this time, they may use the game as much or as little as they choose. Their medication knowledge and habits are surveyed both before and after the trial period, and are compared to a control group with no access to MasterMed.

The study will determine whether access to the game-like education tool can increase patient medication knowledge and adherence.


Participants are presented with a list of their current medications before the game begins.


They are asked to match randomly selected medications to the health issue each medication is prescribed to treat.


Play is timed, and participants are given multiple attempts to get all matches correct.


Participants can compete against their personal best time and against the overall average.