A community-driven platform for knowledge management, education and collaboration

The Hub is a knowledge and learning management system for residents, clinical staff, administrative staff, and researchers. It combines the capabilities of traditional document management and collaborative work platforms with powerful educational tools and workflow integration.

Created as a web-based learning environment for the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Clinical Research Program and the MGH Residency Training Programs, the Hub’s rich educational capabilities help to build and streamline effective learning strategies. Standard Hub applications cover everything from course scheduling and registration through knowledge assessments and progress tracking. The Hub also serves as a central reference point for trainees, with multiple features to catalog and access pertinent information.

Today, the Hub has expanded to serve the unique needs and workflows of over 20 departments within Mass General and Partners HealthCare. Leveraging an open source stack the Hub team is able to quickly develop fully-integrated solutions through a combination of standard applicatications and customized modules.

Custom Solutions

Integrated Badge Readers

Integration with ID badge scanners allows users to gather, organize, and report information and events. As a tracking mechanism, this has helped teaching departments combine lecture and lab attendance records with online learning progress.

Recently, the Hub team worked with MGH’s My Giving Helps fund for a badge-reader giving campaign. Employees were able to scan badges at Hub badge-readers in the hospital cafeteria to automatically make payroll-deducted donations.

Video-Based Learning

The Hub offers integrated media experiences, from producing one-time videos, learning modules, and webinars to creating the set-up and framework for ongoing video learning and collaboration.

Integrated Content Management System

A unique content manage system (CMS) allows content for external-facing sites to be managed from within the Hub platform. This eliminates the need to duplicate information across internal and external platforms and makes updates to frequently changing information seamless.


Standard Features

  • Forums
  • File storage and sharing
  • Quizzes
  • Surveys
  • Blogs
  • Wikis
  • Group calendars
  • Data collection and reporting
  • Online learning tools
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook contact lists
  • Targeted content and tailored user experiences based on group and role designations


The Hub is available through a variety of subscription, service and custom pricing options. Contact us for more information.