The Laboratory of Computer Science collaborates with a diverse group of stakeholders in healthcare, technology, and academic fields on both short-term projects and ongoing ventures.


Types of Partnerships


Intellectual Property Management

The Lab of Computer Science specializes in the rapid development of novel, scalable health information technologies that facilitate better, more efficient delivery of care. LCS-developed programs have been used widely in daily clinical care at Massachusetts General Hospital and Partners Healthcare. Industry collaborations allow us to make these technologies commercially available to the broader healthcare community while maintaining our focus on continued innovation.

LCS technologies and intellectual property can be made available through licensing, collaborations, and joint ventures. Please contact us for more information about any of our projects.


Academic Partnerships

LCS has partnered with multiple academic institutions on research and grant work. We can offer guidance from our informatics experts and input from working clinicians and researchers, while providing access to Mass General’s clinical departments to apply and test research.


Sponsored Research

Companies whose scientific interests intersect those of the Lab can benefit from the Lab’s technology and expertise in research and development. We work with interested parties to define the scope of research, develop a plan, and implement testing within Mass General.



LCS has teams of experts that can offer valuable insight into the intricacies of the development of health information technologies. We understand the ever-changing needs of providers, patients, hospitals and clinical research centers, privacy and security requirements, and government regulations and healthcare delivery models.

We can provide guidance on a variety of topics, including:

  • Information architecture and data models
  • Government and industry standards and regulations
  • Application design with effective UI/UX
  • Workflow analysis
  • Algorithm development

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